60mm Casement Door Series

60mm Casement Door Series

What We Do

UPVC casement doors are designed for 100% door openings for heights of up to 2440 mm. Eumax / Eureka Windoor Systems Pvt Ltd UPVC profiles are carefully built with superior chamber technology for better sound insulation and water drainage slots. Our commitment to manufacture contemporary UPVC profiles for ultra-modern architectural needs like slide and fold UPVC doors makes us among the best UPVC profile manufacturers in India

Eumax casement door profiles allow for manufacturing of different types of doors such as French and openable doors. With a frontal section width of 108 mm the visual bulk of the door remains solid and at the same time opulent.
Casement doors come in handy to connect the spaces between the kitchen area with its utility. They are widely used in opening up visual frontiers of the living areas into garden landscapes of luxurious villas and villaments.
The various sizes and designs of beadings allow for the usage of different types of glass thicknesses varying from 5 mm to 20 mm.
Casement door profiles manufactured by Eureka Windoor Systems (P) Ltd have broad usage. With the increasing need to provide for opaque solutions along with its existing glass choice, Eumax also offers 20 mm UPVC door panels where glass is limited as an alternative.
Of late, it has also found wide use in the manufacturing of modular kitchens with the mix of modern day architectural materials to deliver a lasting impression of grace and style. Being resistant to termites, insects, and staying unaffected to water damage, designers and modular furniture manufacturers are pushing the endurance limits of Eumax casement profiles in wide array of architectural applications.
The steel reinforcement chamber of Eumax casement door profiles has been designed to accommodate galvanized iron reinforcements of sizes up to 40mm x 35mm x 35mm which lend stiff and steely structural strength to the assembly of the casement doors. These enhanced designs of Eumax casement profiles provide for solid structural and performance stability even in high rise scrapers where there is a constant wind hammer.

Reason for Choosing

Colour choice for UPVC Doors & Windows
Our hot glue ultra-modern technology machines to manufacture colour laminated Eumax UPVC profiles and windows and doors using world glass German
Affordable price for UPVC Doors & Windows
Price is a paramount in an ever-increasing landscape of various alternates. The challenge to deliver uncompromised quality of UPVC profiles, windows, and doors at affordable prices.
Customisable options for UPVC Doors & Windows
Eumax UPVC windows and doors are manufactured and designed for a number of different types of openings and options.
Quality Guaranteed for UPVC Doors & Windows
With over 10 million sft of our UPVC windows and doors installed across India, our unflinching commitment to quality is clearly a defining feature for our nation-wide presence.