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Common FAQ's on the best UPVC profile:

What is UPVC Profile:

Modern-day consumers can face a tough challenge to vindicate their choice of products used in the flood of information that can easily confuse them. The first and foremost concern is "What is UPVC profile"?
Eureka UPVC profile is essentially un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride also known as engineered plastic that has been transformed for extremely rigid applications. UPVC profile raw material is a steady mix of PVC resin, stabilizers, impact modifiers, and additives that come together to create stable and robust UPVC profile sections. These UPVC profile sections are used to manufacture all UPVC window profile dimensions and doors that have quickly replaced alternatives such as wood and aluminum windows and doors due to their functional superiority.
We stand out from a crowd of all UPVC profile brands due to our consistent effort to provide the finest UPVC window profile and doors to our customers and channel partners. Eumax UPVC profile sections are manufactured with careful attention to dimensional accuracy, color consistency, and compelling design features.
A eureka UPVC profile is a frame or the structure with which a UPVC window or UPVC door is made. UPVC window profile is used to manufacture UPVC windows, while a UPVC door profile is used to manufacture a UPVC door. Both these UPVC profile sections are dimensionally different and are manufactured with multiple chambers that provide properties of insulation and housing for steel reinforcement.
UPVC door profile was born out of German engineering excellence in the early 1970s as a need to protect the environment from large-scale deforestation and has since been the most sought-after alternate for fenestrations the world over.
The right quantity of Titanium Dioxide used to manufacture our profiles and sourced from the finest suppliers in the world makes Eumax one of the top 10 UPVC profile manufacturers in India and we are among the most respected UPVC profile brands. Titanium Dioxide stabilizes and protects the UPVC profile from UV damage and lends it its pristine white color.

How do I know that I have used the best UPVC Profile?

UPVC profile suppliers across the nation have been trying to differentiate on different parameters. Economical & low price Chinese UPVC profile brands widely available are severely compromised for quality and will fail to last long. The best UPVC profile is one that has been augmented with the right science of extrusion and chemical formulation to negotiate the climate needs of the region. India enjoys a sub-tropical climate. We have extreme climate conditions and UPVC profile raw material for India should be made in India, as no one understands our habitat better. Eumax UPVC door profile & UPVC window profile manufactured by Eureka Windoor Systems (P) Ltd is counted among the top 10 UPVC profile manufacturers in India.
Eumax UPVC profile suppliers in Bangalore, India manufacture a product of the finest concoction of environment-friendly raw materials which include PVC resin, stabilizers, additives, and many more catalyzing chemicals sourced from the best sources in the world. They are extruded on our state-of-art machines with meticulous dimensional accuracy. Eumax UPVC profiles are certified by leading testing agencies and backed by safe product assurances and warranties.
Our formulations & tooling proficiencies help us manufacture world-class and best UPVC profiles for UPVC profile windows and doors which are technically superior and way ahead of all competing peers.
Our wide range of UPVC profile sections caters to a variety of architectural solutions that could include a combination of windows like sliding and folding, fixed and sliding, casement and fixed, and many such combinational applications.
We are extremely conscious of the need to ensure that all innovation we pack into our UPVC window frame profile sizes continues to stay pocket-friendly to all our customers and channel partners at all times.

What is the UPVC color profile?

When eureka UPVC profiles are wrapped with laminates to enhance the visual elegance with textured wooden finishes and contemporary colors, they are known as UPVC color profiles.
Eumax UPVC color profile is manufactured on advanced machinery with two-staged anti-peel glue application technology using world-class laminates manufactured in Germany.
We are a team of UPVC profile suppliers who are among India's leading UPVC profile brands with a complete range of white and laminated series of UPVC door profiles and window profiles
Eumax’s UPVC color profile and UPVC profile windows are manufactured by Eureka Windoor Systems (P) Ltd and come in different shades of wood such as Golden Oak, Walnut, Dark Oak, and also a choice of contemporary color known as metallic gray.
Modern-day homeowners are consciously engaging with fresh alternatives and products that are environmentally responsible leaving a minimal or negligible carbon footprint. Eumax UPVC color profile manufactured by Eureka Windoor Systems (P) Ltd, Bangalore, India engages in the finest and the most responsible manufacturing practices with zero effluent & smoke discharge.
New age home buyers have sought the surface elegance of wood on all UPVC window profile sizes without having to damage the environment and cut trees. Nothing better than Eumax UPVC color profiles provides them the absolution to feed their desire for wooden surface appearances without having to fell a single tree.

Do we have different UPVC window profile sizes?

1. Eumax UPVC window profile sizes come in different UPVC window profile dimensions to suit consumer needs. Our UPVC profile sections are manufactured to also complement and suffice the technical and functional requirements needed for UPVC windows and doors. For example, a window that is larger than 5 ft in height should be manufactured using our 88 mm UPVC window profiles sections only. However, UPVC door profile is used to manufacture doors where the height breaches 5 feet. A wide variety of Eumax UPVC window frame profile sizes are being manufactured to embrace the shifting dynamics of modern-day civil constructions.
UPVC Profile suppliers across the nation have benchmarked our product offerings and have keenly followed the solutions we design for our customers and prospects. Eumax UPVC window frame profile sizes are available in premium and heavy, mid and regular, and sleek and economical section sizes. This gives customers ample choices to choose what suits them best. The best UPVC profile is never an aspect of the dimension of the UPVC window profile sizes alone; it is the combined force of varied technical elements and chemically stable properties of the profile that can withstand harsh climate attacks. Eumax, one of the top 10 UPVC profile manufacturers in India manufactures UPVC color profiles with utmost attention to every single detail, such as its impact resistance, properties of insulation, the strength of the welded joints, and resistance to damage from ultraviolet rays, and fade arresting features.

How is Eumax UPVC's profile different?

Eumax UPVC profile sections are carefully manufactured using the best raw materials on the finest machinery confirming German and European standards. Our UPVC profile raw materials are sourced from global leaders like Kaneka Japan, DuPont USA, Barloecher Germany, etc. with benchmarking standards of quality. The best UPVC profile is manufactured with a conscious effort to ensure that proper product chemistry is maintained at all times.
Known to be amongst the top 10 UPVC profile manufacturers in India our UPVC profile suppliers are known for their swiftness to respond to market needs in the quickest turnover time. Our UPVC profile sections are dimensionally precise.

What is UPVC profile and how important is it?

UPVC window profile dimensions are extremely critical to building the finest experience of a structurally perfect window. Eumax, one of the top 10 UPVC profile manufacturers in India, is differentiated with its advanced tooling to manufacture the right UPVC window profile dimensions with fine detailing and consistency.
A lot of UPVC profile suppliers who are essentially importing and trading UPVC profile raw material from China and elsewhere fail to provide the desired technical assistance to UPVC profile windows and doors manufacturers leaving them stranded for the right solutions. At Eumax, we are driven by our core philosophy to handhold each of our channel partners manufacturing eureka UPVC profiles, windows, and doors. We provide them with advanced knowledge, assistance, support, and certifications to train, coach, and engage them with the right manufacturing practices of UPVC profile windows. This helps our channel partners manufacture the finest UPVC windows and doors making us one of the most popular UPVC profile brands in India.
We are also known for our unbiased client-centric approach and adhere to honest and transparent practices to manufacture the best UPVC profile to make sure that our customers are never short-changed for UPVC window frame profile sizes, quality, and service. Being present with multiple stock points in the country, we understand the pressing urgency to make available UPVC profiles for all types of UPVC window profile dimensions across the nation in the quickest time. This also makes us one of the most respected UPVC profile brands in India.
Our highly qualified technical back-end teams assist our channel partners with the knowledge, information, and support to manufacture the best quality UPVC windows and doors. Our end consumers are natural beneficiaries of our warranties, guarantees, and certifications.
Eumax offers all UPVC window profile sizes that are being used in a large number of government and private projects across the length and the breadth of the country. A testimony of our commitment to quality is the fact that Eumax UPVC profiles (also known as Eureka UPVC profiles in the past) have been used to manufacture more than 4 million sqft of UPVC windows and doors so far.
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60mm Casement Window Series

Our 60 mm casement profiles are used to manufacture openable windows up to a height of 1500 mm.
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60mm Casement Door Series

Eumax / Eureka UPVC profiles are carefully built with superior chamber technology for better sound insulation and water drainage slots.
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50mm Sliding Series

Eumax 50mm sliding series profiles also known as the sleek series has been designed instrumentally to service large project.
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60mm Sliding Series

Eumax /Eureka 60 mm sliding series UPVC window profiles are designed for both sliding doors and windows.
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80mm Sliding Series

This series of 80 mm UPVC profiles is finely crafted with design elegance and compatibility with our 88 mm section frames too.
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88mm Sliding Series

The 88mm sliding series of Eumax/Eureka UPVC profiles are designed for sliding doors as well as windows which come with 2 slider tracks and 1 mesh or a bug screen track.
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108mm Sliding Series

The 108mm series is constructed with solid three slider tracks and is at times used for larger window openings too.
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Reason for Choosing

Colour choice for UPVC Doors & Windows
Our hot glue ultra-modern technology machines to manufacture colour laminated Eumax UPVC profiles and windows and doors using world glass German
Affordable price for UPVC Doors & Windows
Price is a paramount in an ever-increasing landscape of various alternates. The challenge to deliver uncompromised quality of UPVC profiles, windows, and doors at affordable prices.
Customisable options for UPVC Doors & Windows
Eumax UPVC windows and doors are manufactured and designed for a number of different types of openings and options.
Quality Guaranteed for UPVC Doors & Windows
With over 10 million sft of our UPVC windows and doors installed across India, our unflinching commitment to quality is clearly a defining feature for our nation-wide presence.