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What is UPVC door?

A lot of customers are not quite familiar with UPVC door meaning and are confused with its applications.
The UPVC door full form is an unplasticized polyvinyl chloride door that is functional doors and cannot be used as your main doors and bedroom doors. Back doors UPVC have large glass portions or panels. These predominantly large elements of glass and sandwiched panels can limit their use for want of privacy.
Modern UPVC doors manufactured using Eumax UPVC doors and windows in India are widely used due to their sheer elegance of a large frame, wall enhancing section design, and structure with large components of glass that provides for adequate ventilation, light, and an unobstructed view of the exteriors.
UPVC door manufacturers across the country have trusted us for their needs due to the superior strength and design of our UPVC profiles.

What are UPVC windows and doors of different types?

With the help of advanced software and technical proficiencies, we design UPVC doors and windows specific to the needs of our channel partners and customers. The UPVC door details and demands are carefully understood and comprehended to deliver the best and the most economical solutions. However, let's understand the different types of UPVC doors and windows India prefers.
Balconies are important spaces in modern-day homes. These areas need to be functionally useful and aesthetically welcoming. A lot of elements we design UPVC doors and windows are incorporated into these spaces for creating the right mix of zest and energy. Balconies need to be optimized for proper space management and balcony UPVC sliding doors manufactured by Eumax UPVC door profiles are extremely useful.
Our balcony UPVC sliding doors are crafted and assembled with a sturdy and robust section of UPVC door profiles that can help establish an independently refreshing identity to these spaces. We design UPVC doors and windows and manufacture them with portions that are desired to be fixed and can be combined with sliding panels or frames too.
Among our prominent sliding UPVC windows and doors, our balcony UPVC sliding doors are fitted with premium quality hardware and rails on which the shutters move. These rails are damage-proof for long-term use and are extremely sturdy.
The section design of our UPVC sliding doors with grill is hugely dynamic. We can manufacture sliding UPVC doors and windows and back doors UPVC with multiple panels or shutters depending on the dimension of the structural opening. However, for reasons of additional safety, iron grills can be fixed separately, but not on the UPVC frames.
All new-age building materials are increasingly moving towards addressing and creating solutions that add quality to life. Eumax UPVC sliding doors with mesh are manufactured for the easy use of bug or mosquito screens in their section designs. Our UPVC sliding doors with mesh are widely used to prevent and repel the mosquito menace which plagues our towns and cities.
The mosquito mesh material is available in multiple options too. It could be a stainless steel mesh, an aluminum mesh, or a fiber mesh depending on the choice of the end consumer.
Eumax sliding UPVC doors and windows also known as UPVC French sliding doors have been designed with advanced engineering to withstand high-velocity winds and hurricanes in high-rise buildings too. The architectural elegance of UPVC French sliding doors remains unmatched and the resilient character and visual glamour of our UPVC door profiles will keep your UPVC French sliding doors fresh and new for generations.
UPVC Casement doors are doors that open either to the inside or to the outside. These UPVC doors and windows in India are used when there is a clear need for movement and access. It also creates uninhibited views of external landscapes and allows for maximum flow of light and air. UPVC casement doors manufactured by Eumax are guaranteed brilliant performance and life.
Eumax UPVC casement doors can also be assembled with a mix of high-end multiple door profiles to manufacture special application systems such as slide and fold doors. Slide and fold UPVC casement doors are a product of advanced and precise engineering promising an emphatic experience of ultra-modern architecture.

What are the safety features of UPVC doors?

Eumax UPVC doors are principally manufactured as UPVC French sliding doors and UPVC casement doors. The sections for these profiles have been designed keeping in mind the need for increased safety due to the large size of the openings. Manufactured with special euro grooves, our UPVC door profiles are versatile and can accommodate sophisticated espagnolette locks.
UPVC door details come with the espagnolette locks used in our modern UPVC doors that have been manufactured for linear locking in multiple intervals across the height of the frame and lend a greater level of locking safety and comfort in a single move of the lever.
Eumax sliding UPVC windows and doors are fitted only with premium quality hardware backed by adequate warranties. We are UPVC door manufacturers where espag locks are manufactured with premium-grade steel and do not rust or corrode with time.
The use of up to 2 mm thick seamless steel reinforcements within our profile sections for both UPVC French sliding doors and UPVC casement doors with 3-dimensional hinges constructs an elevated and superior level of structural door strength. This eliminates the possibility of any sagging or disembarking from its anchored hinges on prolonged use of back doors UPVC.

Will my UPVC casement doors be protected from sun and rain?

The answer to this question is an emphatic yes. Eumax profiles for sliding UPVC doors and windows, UPVC French sliding doors, and UPVC casement doors along with our complete range of accompanying profiles are manufactured and extruded in our state-of-art automated compounding plant in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore.
We design UPVC doors and windows with the use of the finest and the best quality raw materials comprising PVC resin, stabilizers, additives, and finishing agents sourced from established global sources of repute making us India's most loved and respected UPVC door detailed manufacturer.
We are UPVC door manufacturers with an uncompromising legacy of making peerless quality material for modern UPVC doors comes from our sustainable and consistent chemical formulations coupled with our world-class mechanical extrusion infrastructure.
The proportionate and recommended use of Titanium Dioxide which is a key ingredient to ensure the stable behavior of Eumax sliding UPVC windows and doors manufactured by Eureka Windoor Systems (P) Ltd is never compromised at any given time. This will ensure that our UPVC sliding doors with grill are safely shielded from the impact of disintegrating forces of nature such as rain and the sun.
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Upvc Casement Doors

A door having glass panes throughout or nearly throughout its length which make up a major portion of the area of the door is called a casement door.
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Upvc Bi-Fold Doors

UPVC Bi fold Doors are type of doors which opens by folding back in sections. They are usually to be found indoors.
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Reason for Choosing

Colour choice for UPVC Doors & Windows
Our hot glue ultra-modern technology machines to manufacture colour laminated Eumax UPVC profiles and windows and doors using world glass German
Affordable price for UPVC Doors & Windows
Price is a paramount in an ever-increasing landscape of various alternates. The challenge to deliver uncompromised quality of UPVC profiles, windows, and doors at affordable prices.
Customisable options for UPVC Doors & Windows
Eumax UPVC windows and doors are manufactured and designed for a number of different types of openings and options.
Quality Guaranteed for UPVC Doors & Windows
With over 10 million sft of our UPVC windows and doors installed across India, our unflinching commitment to quality is clearly a defining feature for our nation-wide presence.